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Utilizing unique technology and own equipment
Nichidai not only test-manufactures and develops but also mass-produces precision forged parts using its technology developed over many years and its own six precision forging press machines.
There are some types of products which the customers may find it risky to make themselves, such as those requiring advanced forging technology or mass-produced small-lot parts. Nichidai can produce these products on behalf of the customers. In addtion, the Company's manufacturing technology of precision forged products in its parts business is contributing to the product development activities in its Net-Shape Business.
NFD-1000 L1C-400L L2C-1250L FMX-1000
Forging and forming technology of aluminum alloys
Nichidai is positively introducing precision forging into nonferrous metals, too. In particular, the Company has succeeded in the precision forging of aluminum alloy scroll parts containing high silicon. It not only provides the dies and die-sets for these parts together with the technology but also mass-produces the parts by its own integrated automatic production line.
This production line uses the back pressure mechanism whose patent is owned by Nichidai and so has several advantages, including the uniform height of the lap. The Company uses this technology for many other forged parts with laps, too.
Automatic scroll production line
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