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We are determined to pursue products and high technologies that cannot be achieved and are unsurpassed by other companies
Principles of Management
The Nichidai group aims to be an enterprise that can contribute to society by creating new value by acting to realize all aspects of customer satisfaction, investor satisfaction, and employee satisfaction to the maximum extent and improving the aspects in a sustainable manner.
Under the principles of management, the Nichidai group is currently developing three businesses for realization of the 3E (Excellent, Exciting, and Expanding) company that can sustain sound growth adapted to social needs, while intending to be an only-one enterprise that pursues products and high technologies that cannot be achieved nor surpassed by other companies and achieving growth and self-fulfillment of employees with a spirit of mutual respect.
The Net-Shape Business comprises the die division, which mainly handles precision forging dies used for production of automotive parts, and the precision forging division, which mass produces parts. By fully utilizing the total engineering capability created through the fusion of the two divisions, we offer proposals and provide services that match customer needs.
For the Assembly Business, we assemble VG turbocharger parts for diesel engines, which are growing with the background of strengthened environmental regulations mainly in Europe.
For the Filter Business, we develop, manufacture, and market sintered wire mesh filters used in versatile industries including petrochemicals, foods, and pharmaceuticals.
In all of our businesses, we pursue the creation of highly value-added products featuring our original ideas, and we are proud that the net-shape of metal parts promoted by the Nichidai group and our filter products are capable of contributing to environmental preservation, which has become a growing concern in recent years.
Motonobu Furuya,President & CEO, Corporate Officer
Furthermore, we established bases for overseas operations in North America and Thailand, where economic growth is remarkable, by which we have established the foundation for global operations for all three of the businesses. We assume enhancing our ability to compete in global markets is also an important issue.
We are fully determined to continue our growth strategies for creating corporate value and will further strengthen social credibility as the Nichidai group. We expect your continued support and kind consideration.
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