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Updated 6/23/2017
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1. Outlines of the Company 2. Contents of business
3. Management policies and strategies 4. Business performance and financial conditions
5. Returns to shareholders 6. IR activities
1. Outlines of the Company
(1) What is the origin of company name "Nichidai"?
(2) What was the trigger for foundation of the Company?
(3) What companies are included in your Group? Where are your branches and factories located?
(4) What is the personal history of the current president?
2. Contents of business
(1) What does "forging" mean?
(2) What does "die" mean?
(3) Can you explain in simple terms the difference between "Net Shape" and "Precision Forging"?
(4) What are the characteristics and advantages of your Company?
(5) Which part of an automobile your products are used for?
(6) What is the competing product of your precision forging dies?
(7) I need to know more about your Net-shape business.
(8) What percentage do you occupy share in the die industry?
(9) I need to know more about your Assembly business.
(10) What dose "VG" of VG turbo charger mean?
3. Management policies and strategies
(1) What is your management philosophy?
(2) What are the fields you want to focus on in the future,
or the business or area you expect to grow?
4. Business performance and financial conditions
(1) What are the external factors that may affect your performance?
(2) What are the performance forecasts for this fiscal year?
(3) What is the profit ratio of each business field?
(4) What is the ROE, ROA?
5. Returns to shareholders
(1) What are your dividend policies ?
(2) Do you have any plan to reset the unit shares or split shares?
(3) Are you planning for retirement of treasury stock?
(4) Are you providing or planning to introduce any shareholder special benefit system?
6. IR activities
(1) Please explain the current situation of your IR activities.
(2) Do you have a plan to hold a company information session for personal investors?
(1) How do you think about current stock price of your company?
(2) Please explain about composition of shareholder.
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