Total Engineering

Leading-edge Precision Forging Technology

In addition to its main business of die-making, NICHIDAI provides total support services for the business solution of its customers from the process design using the CAE analysis system it installed earlier than its competitors in the industry to prototyping with its own press. NICHIDAI’s engineering team is working on the research on precision-forging and forging die technologies and the improvement of its technical capability.
To meet various needs related to precision forging, the company has built up its proprietary development support system that allows the acceptance of orders from development to mass production and is working on the development of a navigation system for the design of forging dies that is intended to convert implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge, store its know-how, and inherit its technologies.

Overview of NICHIDAI’s Development Support System

As a partner of its customers, NICHIDAI supports their product development in addition to the manufacturing and sales of dies for them and provides its precision forging technologies from their development to mass production stages.


  • 営業アイコンThe six sales sites in Japan and also in Thailand and USA deliver proposals that meet customers’ needs.
  • 設計アイコンThe forging technologies NICHIDAI has developed and cutting-edge ICTs are used to propose the optimum process to customers.
  • 金型製造アイコンNICHIDAI has its own equipment required for die-making processes to provide high-precision and high-quality processing.
  • 周辺技術の提供アイコンNICHIDAI provides total support services including the design of peripheral equipment and appliances such as die-set adapting to customers’ equipment specifications.
  • 部品製造アイコンNICHIDAI uses its original press to address the requirements from prototyping to mass production stages.
  • 研究開発アイコンIn addition to self-development, NICHIDAI is working toward the acquisition of cutting-edge technologies through academic activities and collaborations with its customers.

Navigation system for the design of forging dies

conventioanl implicit knowledge

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