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Updated 12/1/2017
Message to shareholders and investors
Motonobu Furuya, President & CEO

Turning the automobile industry's structural reform into an opportunity to take a leap forward and lay the basis for a 100-year company

Building on the momentum of the first half year results of which exceeded plan, we will aim to achieve record-high sales on a full year basis.

During the first half year of FY March 2018 (from April 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017, hereinafter referred to as the first half year), we posted growth in both sales and profits, supported by year-on-year sales growth recorded by all business segments, in particular, strong performance of the Assembly Business. Although the future business environment is unpredictable as indicated by decelerating emerging economies and so on, we will surely capture demand for dies, order of which is expected to increase in the second half year, and aim to achieve sales as initially planned.

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